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Cryptocurrency mining, particularly for Proof-of-Work (PoW) based protocols like Bitcoin, has become a major environmental concern due to its high energy consumption. A 2019 study estimated that the Bitcoin network alone could produce 132 million metric tons of carbon dioxide annually due to fossil fuel consumption to meet energy demands. As global leaders focus on reducing CO2 emissions,

it's clear that steps must be taken to reduce the environmental impact of cryptocurrency if mainstream adoption is to be achieved. This project presents an innovative alternative to traditional mining, a unique, zero-emission solution that highlights the power behind the simple act of holding.

Introducing Z-Cubed, or Z3. Unlike traditional PoW or Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrencies, Z-Cubed utilizes a unique Proof-of-Holdings (PoH) consensus mechanism. With our PoH method, we replace traditionally expensive and environmentally harmful PoW mining with our innovative Auto-Mining feature, and reward long-term holders through the power of compound interest,

Breaking the barriers to cryptocurrency mining through our innovative PoH consensus





Initial Supply : 2,100,000

Max Supply : 21,000,000


Transaction fee : 4%

- 2% marketing and development

- 1% auto liquidity injection

- 1% Treasury

PoH & Auto-Mining

Z3's Proof-of-Holding consensus mechanism is a unique concept, representing the next step in eliminating energy-dependent PoW mechanisms. Simply holding Z3 in your wallet qualifies holders for auto-mining rewards.


Auto-mining is a key feature of the Z3 ecosystem, rewarding token holders by delivering tokens directly to their wallet every 12 hours, based on the size of their verified holdings.

Z3 Treasury

The Z3 Treasury, funded by the 1% transaction fee on all trades, will serve to add stability to the project acting as a strategic reserve for long-term growth. The treasury funds will be instrumental in deploying several utilities that will protect and empower investors.


The Z³ team believes in the dream of true decentralization, and by placing the decision-making power of the project in the hands of the token holders, we can create a community with a truly vested interest.


CUBEDao will be more than just voting rights on project ongoings, it will be a vibrant community, evolving and steering project goals as Z3 grows.

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